How to Advocate for Israel When You Don’t Agree With All of Its Policies

Israel is near and dear to our hearts.  It is a land of deep connections and the homeland of the Jewish people.  As American Jews, we should be advocates for her well-being and security and let the American government know that we care.  Many face the question of how to advocate for Israel when they don’t agree with key decisions of the Israeli government.   How do you stand up for Israel when you may be opposed to some of her policies?

There are numerous organizations that support Israel and believe that their organization’s political positions are the ones that she should adopt.  Many of these organizations are criticized for their positions, whether to the right or left.  Individuals and organizations are, obviously, entitled to their own opinions.  But when Israel needs American Jewry, should we stand in support with a unified voice? When is it appropriate for an individual or organization to express concern with Israel’s actions and when is it detrimental?

Currently, some in the Jewish community believe that if they do not agree with all Israeli policies and actions, they can’t support her.  This can be misguided and harmful.

This coming Sunday, at “Israel!  A Morning of Israel Advocacy, Education and Community,” we will explore with a panel discussion, facilitated by Art Abramson, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Baltimore Jewish Council, how you can be an advocate for Israel even when you disagree with her positions.  Registration is closed online as of November 9, but walk-ins are welcome.

For more information about the conference, visit

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