Diller Teens Arrive in Ashkelon!

Diller Israel Summer Seminar Update

Day #13, #14 and #15

The Diller teens spent their first night in the home of their Ashkelon family.  The Diller experience has now come full circle.  After this week, the Diller teens will always have a home in Israel.


The International Diller Leadership Congress ended Sunday afternoon.  Highlights include:


  • Leaders from all over the Jewish world facilitated workshops, as the teens continued to learn about the concepts of the five-legged table. 


  • On Shabbat morning, the teens attended one of six Shabbat service options.  Gabe Zuckerberg prepared and led the Orthodox service for any of the 300 Diller Fellows who wished to attend this service.


  • After Shabbat dinner and a program on the Parsha HaShavua (weekly Torah portion), the teens were given your special letters during the Night Circle.  Honestly, I can’t possibly write the words to describe the emotional experience, so please feel free to mention the letter the next time you speak with your teen.


  • During the last day of Congress, the teens heard from representatives from MASA who spoke about gap year programs in Israel.   Hmmm . . . something to think about for the future. 


Today, the teens arrived in Ashkelon, which will be their home base until they leave Israel on Saturday night.  After a tour of the community (which included a stop at Baltimore Park), the group was hosted by the Ifergan family for dinner.  Afterward, the Baltimore teens were taken to their host homes to rest, unpack, eat home-cooked food, do laundry and make themselves at HOME.

Please check out Megan’s latest blog post, with a link to pictures from tonight’s dinner in Ashkelon, on the Baltimore Diller Teen Fellows Blog.

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