Reflections on The Kotel

Closer to God

Praying at The Western Wall is an indescribably moving experience.  Therefore, I won’t describe it. I’ve already told you, it’s impossible.

But looking back on my experience at The Wall, I had to reflect on whether  davening at The Kotel, or The Great Synagogue, or Masada, Mitzpeh Ramon,  or Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, or the Golan Heights is any “closer to God” because of  geography.

After davening at The Kotel I struggled to find a space in between the stones  to stick my “notes to God.” I later joked with my new friend and fellow  Reveal Israel traveller, Dayna, that I wished she had been with me at the wall.  At her height of 5’10”, most likely she would have been able to find plenty of  empty space in the upper bricks, and my words would have been that much  “closer to God.”

Is visiting Israel a way to get closer to God? For sure. But the closeness I’ve  felt is more due to a journey of my heart and soul, not my body. I encourage  Every Jew, and especially Jewish educators, to visit Israel as soon and often as possible, and find your own way to get closer to God.

 Rachel Delman Turniansky


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Israel Education Coordinator at the Macks Center for Jewish Education
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