We have arrived!

Rachel S. and Zoe

We have been here for only four days and this already has been an eye opening experience. We have learned about the land of israel and the different kinds of minorities that make it up,  some of that we have never even heard of. Learning so much about Israel has allowed us to make a connection to the country, and being in Jerusalem we know that the connection will grow further. Yesterday we had the challenge of making a boat with our group. Although it was a struggle we were able to pull our selves together and work together. As a group we all became closer and learned that with teamwork anything is possible.  No matter where we are every view is beautiful. Being artists,  we have been extremely inspired. The colors of the sunsets have been wonderful and there are mountains in every direction. We are excited to see what is planned for us next, and we can not wait to experience more of this amazing place that we have the privilege to visit.

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