On Masada

We started out at 4:15am! It was good that we approached Masada in the dark because the climb may have seemed too daunting.  We climbed the Roman Ramp as the sun rose – so beautiful.  To stand at the top and view the surrounding area was breath-taking.  Our guide, Allan, painted a picture of what life may have been like for the Jews living there.

When we went to the synagogue site we were blessed to witness Leo’s Bar Mitzvah (a group came to celebrate there).  We sat on the same seats that those Jews sat and prayed in so long ago.

This trip to Israel has left me feeling like a small piece in a much larger life puzzle stretching far into the past and future.  Each day I have experiences that fill me with deep sadness at the inhumanity and then other experiences that have me full of joy and hope.

Joan Dier

Bolton Street Synagogue


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Israel Education Coordinator at the Macks Center for Jewish Education
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1 Response to On Masada

  1. :Leora says:

    Indeed, we are a small piece of a long, long chain. Here’s to our part in guaranteeing it stretches far beyond us!!!

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