In Ashkelon

We were assigned to the kindergarten children when we arrived at the Beit Canada Absorption Center. These youngsters came from Ethiopia with their families.  The center helps immigrants from other countries adjust to the Israeli way of life.

We had a heartfelt reaction to the warmth and innocence of the boys and girls.  They touched us deeply by allowing us to be a part of their learning experience.

It greatly surprised us that they didn’t know what crayons were or how to use them.  In spite of that they colored beautifully and each child had his or her own unique style.  Even though there was a language barrier (we didn’t know Hebrew and they didn’t know English) both of us found a way to nonverbally communicate with several of them.  One of the teachers put some music on in the classroom. Michele went over to the carpeted area and started to dance.  The girls came over.  She reached for their hands and started to dance in a circle.  I joined in quickly and the children responded enthusiastically to our dance moves! They showed us how they dance in Ethiopia and we tried to dance in the same way.  This caused a lot of giggles.  We laughed along with the children for the sheer joy of the experience.

Our time with the children flew by and we did not want to leave.  We will carry this experience with us forever!

Fran Block and Michele Kremer


About israelcje

Israel Education Coordinator at the Macks Center for Jewish Education
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