Reveal Israel Educators Trip

And so we begin our trip.  Eight formal and informal educators from seven different schools/organizations are in Israel for their first time on this subsidized trip through the Center for Jewish Education.  All come with different and unique experiences and all of them are emotional and excited about arriving in Israel.

We arrived yesterday at Ben Gurion and immediately began our tour. On the way to the Palmach Museum our tour educator Allan began by describing the dichotomy that occurs in many places in Israel.  We drive on a modern highway yet right next to the highway you can find ancient ruins.  It is the modern and the ancient combined into one.

At the Palmach Museum we saw the amazing story of the Palmachnikim during World War II up until the creation of the State of Israel.  Our educators are in awe of the strength of those who fought for the state.  It is odd to spend the Fourth of July in Israel but what a perfect way to spend it learning about the beginnings of the State of Israel.

We continued on the Neot Kedumim to learn about Biblical Israel.  Spending time in the area of the Seven Species.  The group had the opportunity to work a water wheel and push an olive press from Biblical times.  Our day was spent learning about beginnings of the land both in the biblical times and modern day.

Checking into the hotel in the afternoon in Tel Aviv we were exhausted but everyone still went out to explore the city.  Our hotel is one block from the Tayelet (Promenade) and the Mediterranean Sea and who could pass up walking along the beach.

Tomorrow we travel to our partnership city of Ashkelon to spend time with Gesher Chai teachers and learn about the amazing people-to-people relationships.


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