June 1st

Hey everyone!

Today was a long and adventurous day that was filled with fun and meaningful activities. We began the day by meeting with Vered Schlauzer, who is the future author of the children’s book being written about the Ashkelon-Baltimore partnership. We talked for a couple of hours about Baltimore and how the partnership has impacted our lives. She wanted to get a genuine feel for the way the partnership affects Baltimoreans to use for the book. We felt like we gave her a wealth of details about Baltimore to make the book as realistic as possible.

After our meeting, we returned to the special needs kindergarten class to finish the mural we had begun on Monday. The majority had already been done, but we put on all of the finishing touches and added a few more designs. The final product looked incredible, granting us a great feeling of accomplishment. Through this mural, we’ve left an everlasting mark on the city of Ashkelon which we hope will bring joy to children for years to come.

After finishing the mural , we went to the Halperin Senior Center to do arts and crafts with senior citizens. Some of us painted on small canvasses  while others designed window decorations. The best part of the visit was hearing all of the different immigration stories from countries all over the world. With a little bit of our help, the seniors all made some incredible things. We could tell they were all so happy we had come and this concluded our jam-packed day.

Off to the holy city,

Jeremy Finifter

Diller Alum ’07-’08

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