The First of Many

Shalom from Ashkelon!

Our first couple of days have been amazing. Even though we were on a plane for 10 hours we started with our community service right away, making candy sticks for children in the hospital and packing shabbas dinner for the poor. Don’t worry though, we were able to sneak in a trip to the beach too!

On Friday we got to sleep in late before going to the Ifergan’s for a group lunch where we had an incredible feast all made by Mrs. Ifergan. And what goes with a big feast? More beach time! We have to say, the Mediterranean’s just a bit better than the Chesapeake. That night we all went back to our host family’s homes for Shabbat dinner and met up later for a dance party. When in Ashkelon right?

Today some of us chose to sleep in and other went back to the beach for some more sun. Since everything is closed on Shabbat we couldn’t do any community service, but we have a lot planned for tomorrow so stay tuned for updates!

All of our love,

Phil Applebaum

Diller Alum 07-08′

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