Purim in Ashkelon!

By Laura Black
President, ASSOCIATED Women

As our bus pulled into our sister city, we felt moved with pride witnessing the playground dedicated to our beloved Michael Lapides.  We went on to Netzach Yisrael where we were welcomed by leadership and prepared our pirate costumes to march in the Ashkelon “Adloyada” — the Purim Parade!

Our Baltimore group had the distinction of being the first group ever participating in an official city ceremony and we marched in a place of honor right behind the mayor!  Thousands of Ashkelonians participated in the event and the streets were lined with onlookers dressed in Purim attire, cheering and awed by the procession. It included bands, floats and entertainers.  We marched in awkward unison, waving to the crowds and holding our Baltimore Hebrew Congregation banner.

A tired yet inspired Baltimore group was treated to a wonderful lunch prepared by members of the Netzah Yisrael  Congregation.  With our stomachs full, we went on to
fill our hearts at the Jewish Agency Barnes Ethiopian Absorption Center. 

Celebrating what was for many of the immigrants their first Purim, we laughed and danced with them before delivering mishloach manot, Purim food baskets. The joy from the children touched our souls as we departed with a new understanding and appreciation for this wonderful city!

See the day’s photo album>>

The Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership has existed since 2003. Interested in learning more about how you can be a part of it? Click here>>

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