mafia style celebration of Migdal 19th anniversary

There are official holidays, which just happen annually. One could have thought what can be so unusual about it?
And now imagine if your birthday would just became boring? It is hard to imagine this, right? You should understand that no boring Migdal anniversary is ever possible either.
Indeed I am sure that all Midgalers tried so hard to make the celebration good for every guest, even probably more than for their own birthdays.
19th anniversary of Jewish cultural center Migdal was celebrated in a mafia style with families and heads of the families, classic clothes, specific way of speaking and hiding from police.
6th of February made more than 100 friends of the organization gather, greet and celebrate: Shira Genish, JDC representative from Israel, Irina Zborovskaya from JDC of Odessa, Beit Grand representatives and other people presented Odessa style and mafia style gifts.
3 multilingual Migdal girls sang Jewish songs in Hebrew, Russian and English
Amongst wishes Shira Genish stated the fact of having great projects through out the year which had been held on a high level. She wished to go higher and higher the ladder of success. Future generations for sure would know that Migdal played a significant role in Odessa Jewish life.
Irina Zborovskaya wisely wished Migdal director Kira Verkhovskaya to be satisfied with her work on 90%, the other 10% of dissatisfaction will always move the organization for development and improvement.

Anatoliy Druzdovskiy the collector of antiques presented a priceless gift to “Migdal – Shorashim” museum of Odessa jews, a box from the cookies by Brothers Krakhmalnikovy, the owners of the sweets plant named after them in 1820. There were real Odessa style gift gefilte fish. There had been immaterial gifts such as songs and poems by Michael Goldovskiy, JAFI director in Odessa.

In the celebration program there was a top famous remake of Lady’s Gaga song “Alexandro” about Migdal. Outstanding theatre performance devoted to the gift topic had a huge success. Another jewish concerned performance was meaningful and expressed the roots of all of us having the flashback to the desert thousands of years before.
Concluding that evening which is hard to forget, one should know that it was overfilled with performances by all Migdal members, who put their souls into the celebration as a fact of appreciation of Migdal. Probably this is a way of greeting Migdal from the inside by the staff and members themselves for the kind of development opportunity Migdal provides them with.

We thank Migdal for its existence in Odessa for another 19 years and wish perpetual development.

more photos are here

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