turning over the pages of history: Holocaust


There are bright days in our history, but cloudy days sometimes make our life a reality. And there are moments when rainy sky can not stop us from thinking on the world justice and faith. 27th of January is globally known as one of such rainy days worldwide not only for Jewish people. This is an international day of Holocaust commemorating. Odessa is one of the places which has in its memory live stories from the bloody history of Holocaust. you can meet people wandering on Odessa streets, who has been involved in this action. They were either the Jews being hidden during holocaust themselves, or they helped Jews to survive, or they had been witnesses of unbelievable cruelty.
Odessa citizens, Jews and non Jews as well gathered at the holocaust memorial to memorise the date and to honour the holocaust victims. Different Jewish and state organisations were present at the commemorative event and floral tribute, including JDC leaders, heads of foreign consulates, Beit Grand JCC representatives, members of regional Jews association, Mayor and other local politicians. In the evening an honourable commemorative event took place. Highest official people made profound speeches and showed tolerance and respect to a great nation which unfortunately suffered in our land.
Head of the state council of Odessa region Eduard Matviychuk appeals to vigilant today. Indeed it was a hot topic in official speeches. Along with honoring people during holocaust, speakers as well as chair of the meeting famous journalist Alik Vetrov quite unexpectedly emotionally expressed the poor current state in Jewish tolerance in Odessa particularly and in Ukraine. Boeva Sveltana, head of city council department of international relations, noted that such cruelty was an unusual for such a tolerant city as Odessa at that time. According to Avram  Wolf Chechelnitskiy, there were 18 million Jews in Odessa before the Holocaust, and now we did not come back to this number. 6 million Jewish people were killed in Odessa during holocaust. names of 4 are known, 2 millions of victims are still not identified. The world has changed and it has lost virtue. He sees the only way of not letting such cruelty happen by children learning. Member of association of Ghetto prisoners Shwartsman Roman continued the discussion in his speech, shocking the public about amount of hours on the 2nd World War study at schools. It is 8 hours in total. Moreover Holocaust is not taught at all.
But the evening was not just the about the talking. It was full of emotions also thanks to performances, including touching songs by children of different age and meaningful dance performance called “turning over the pages of history”, where children showed the changes in the last century with only body language and music. These performances made guests shiver. The whole event made us shiver because of emotions…
Verveda Valeriya,

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