“Jewish suite” by Bozhidar Milovich in “Beit Grand” JCC

In December there is an oil painting exhibition by Serbian artist Bozhidar Milovich. There are around 30 of his works. They are divided into 2 parts: Religious Judaism and famous Jewish people of Odessa. The artist has been living in Sebria and Odessa for more than 30 years. Showing Odessa special feature was not separable from Jewish thematic. That is why Milovich has devoted his works to this issue. There is one distinguishing masterpiece with people going up the ladder, failing to finish because of the ruined ladder. But characters won’t stop there. They still try to move on. As artist says his works are not pessimistic. Anyone can find a positive side, even thought it might be in the future.

Second half on the works represent famous people of Odessa. One can find there another artist  Leonid  Voitsekhov, head on the contemporary arts museum Semen Cantor, local historian Oleg Gubar, fine art expert Vitaliy Abramov.

This exhibition is for sure one of the “must see’s” of December Odessa cultural life. Critics say this is a classical portrait collection which deserves attention of the visitors. From another perspective this is an effective indirect tool for approaching Jewish culture in a positive way through arts and cosmopolitism perspective.


By Verveda Valeriya

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