‘It’s not a vacation, it’s a mission’

December 28, 2010

By Dixie Leikach

The 2010 Family Mission to Israel

The 2010 Family Mission to Israel

This was supposed to be a daily blog. However, I have now learned that if you are on an ASSOCIATED Family Mission, and you bring your kids, and you also volunteer to take the video, … you should NOT volunteer to also do a blog!

There have been some entries from Jerusalem and it is truly a beautiful city full of collective memories for Jews all over the world. This is where it all started! Now we have moved on to the beautiful Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and are staying at a kibbutz right on the sea. It is a spectacular view.

Today was an adventure! First we all were able to get on ATVs, Jeeps, and other types of terrain vehicles in order to go up to a previous Syrian military command post and look over the border into Syria. This is now the safest place in Israel (according to our guide, Abraham), since Israel controls the Golan Heights.

Next was lunch in a park where the kids got some time to unwind and play football, as wel enjoy a small playground in the area. Not to mention – hot dogs and chicken fingers! Yeah! Not falafel!

The afternoon was spent splitting the busses. One group took a “mild to moderate” hike (also according to Abraham) in the Golan Heights to a waterfall view. I could have viewed it much better from the first overlook just fine thank you very much! The people who were in better shape, went all the way down and were able to get back up the mountain to rejoin the group. The other bus went to a winery and chocolate factory. Those on that bus seemed to be really happy when it returned!

Now we are all cleaning up for dinner. I think my reward for the mountain climbing is that the kids and the adults are splitting up for different dinners!

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