Family Mission: Next Year in Jerusalem

The 2010 Family Mission to Israel

The 2010 Family Mission to Israel

Thursday, December 23, 2010

By Sandy Rosenberg

“Next year in Jerusalem.”

Jews throughout the ages have declared this at the end of the Passover Seder meal. In June of last year, my older brother Stewart told me that he and his wife Bonnie would be going to Israel this December – his first trip, her second.  My immediate response: “I’m joining you.”  My 14th.

“Next year (and six months) in Jerusalem” was today.

Our group from Baltimore, THE ASSOCIATED Family mission, reached Mt. Scopus mid-afternoon. Rachel and Elliot, my twin niece and nephew, have joined us.  The bright sun made the Old City of Jerusalem hazy, not the best for recreating the photo I took of the two of them from this spot 13 years ago, shortly after their Bnai Mitzvah.

Shortly before our arrival, we said the Shehecheyanu, the prayer for such special occasions, a member of our group read this excerpt from a Yiddish poet: “One does not travel to Jerusalem.  One returns.”

I will recite that line every time I return.

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