6 reasons for 1 event in Migdal

As you could notice Jewish life in Odessa is quite intensive. And indeed one full of events day recently happened in Migdal JCC. In one time and place there was a mixture of 6 events added into one intensive event! 2 books had been presented there, and 3 expositions had been opened.

  1. Anna Misuk book about Jewish literature
  2. Storybook by Olga Nemitova and Alexey Kotsievsky
  3. “Migdal times” magazine new edition presentation
  4. Exhibition, devoted to Jabotinsky’s novel “The five”
  5. Mosaic works
  6. graphics by Alexey Kotsievsky

The presentation started interactively, which means that there was one hostess leading the presentation, who was talking to the audience. Of course most of the audience was friends of Migdal that is why discussion was live. Some guests could express their opinions about Anna Misuk book. There was even a person, ho expressed his notice of one misspelling, which means that he read a book very carefully and that there were people, who had read it before the official presentation to wide audience. Quotations from the book were read aloud. The reading was great: it was done by heart; the story which was chosen for reading was funny and wise. Even a book about Jewish literature had Odessa context. And the reading was about Odessa flavor. Guests expressed a wise, thorough and deep approach to the issue of the book. Elegance, originality of opinions, polyhistory, humor are integral parts of the book.  I am currently reading the book, but I can already characterize it as the one it is described by other people. The book is unique in its generalizing overview. Odessa in the first place, but also other Russian speaking cities should use it while studying Jewish literature. For your information, Anna Misuk has been together with Migdal for more than 19 years!

“Migdal Times” monthly magazine is devoted to Cohens. Poem by Leonard Cohen was read by a person from the audience. His song was heard. Story of ancient cohens was told. Finally the magazine was presented. Here you can see a picture by Alexander Roitburd (famous Ukrainian artist who lives in Odessa) “Hello, Mr. Cohen”. These words might be opening and closing words of the eventful day.

By Verveda Valeriya

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