Romantic Jazz Hanukkah

Unexpected word combination, isn’t it? Indeed these words define an atmosphere of the evening. Light music and slight movements filled the air.


Evening of Tuesday, the seventh day of Hanukkah, was surprisingly decided by Migdal JСС to be spent in a romantic way.

There were fruits and sweets on the tables, people were wearing evening gowns, light jazz music mixed with Jewish tunes was heard all over. After everybody’s gathering a game with souvenirs, surprises and prizes, jokes and special tasks for guests was held. It was held throughout the evening in the music breaks, so that people would embody. The salt of the evening was of course the jazz band, which performed covers on well known songs and Odessa style songs. Couples were filling in the dance floor, dancing and enjoying their time. is not it hat the evening in jazz café was intended for?

But before the famous Odessa Jazz band “Utochkin band” the band from Migdal was on the stage. Those were teenagers from klezmer band “Migdalion”. And indeed they performed nicely, professionally, calm and self-confidant, even though a bit shy. We wish very best wishes to the young klezmer pacemakers in Odessa!


PS “Utochkin band” was named after well known pilot of 20th century in USSR, who lived in Odessa, Sergey Utochkin.


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