famous psychologist in Migdal

Migdal JСС organized a meeting behind “closed doors” with a famous psychologist Irog Geller.

These closed doors were opened by internet invitations and rumors among acquaintances. There is one thing you should know about Odessa, unofficial communication matters here, sometimes it may even be essential point for success in some spheres. So taking as a basis 30 people as number of listeners, it was more than tripled. The room simply could not contain more, but this problem as solved and people were welcome to the lecture.

Name of the lecture “evolution or development of a person” had a huge resonance amongst listeners. Some people thought that these terms are similar and interconnection is too close. Others required sharp definitions. So Mr. Geller first defined terms. And then he had his speech on the topic for an hour. For another hour there were only questions.

Retelling the essence of the lecture is wasting time, because it is like retelling a book.  It is never the same as a book, the book is always better than retellings. So you have opportunity to listen to his lecture online, if you know Russian. But revealing one point from the lecture, according to Igor Geller evolution is a self-coordinated process, but development of a person includes his inner efforts to change.

How is Mr. Geller connected with Migdal?

Firstly, he is Jewish. Secondly lectures of Dr. Geller have a huge demand and popularity in Odessa. He used to gather big audiences of Odessa citizens to listen and discuss psychological and philosophical issues for more than 4 hours. These lectures were held on weekends. And hall has always been filled with people. These features will not reflect reality clearly, but this is just an effort to overview situation from aside.

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