Exhibition of unique graphic arts from personal collection

Exhibition of unique graphic arts from personal collection.

Opening of collector Sergey Kanivets exhibition was held in Hesed Shaarey Zion charity foundation. Amongst invited guests there were journalists, Hesed cultural club frequenters and random culture admirers who found out about event via internet.

Some works are aged by more then a hundred years. Some are unique and never been shown to external surrounding.

The collection is a mix of 3 parts.
First part is the major one; it includes works by Odessa artist Gershenfeld. On the exhibition there is his paintings with watercolors being presented. The artist might rarely found in collections nowadays. Moreover there are not much of his works left today. According to collector Sergey Kanivets presented piece of art is extremely interesting and extremely rare.
Second part is a series of 27 works representing town of Medzhybizh. This is a significant city for Jewish people… It is done by unknown artist. Domestic theme is revealed with presence of local citizents колоритный lifestyles.
Third part is to represent Odessa artists such as Egiz, Sokolovskiy, Meltzmakher. In this section rare painting of I. Pasternak is being presented.

In this way due to initiative of Anna Rozen, head of Hesed cultural club, people could get acquainted with graphics which used to available to a very limited circle of people.

writen by Valeriya Verveda

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