Hanukkah celebration as a proof for vivacious Jewish community in Odessa

A bright holiday of Hanukkah lights its candles on menorah just as Jews light they faces with their smiles, entering celebration in the night club.

People of different ages, hobbies and professions, religious orientation and music preferences were gathered in one place. And they seemed to like it being together. Even in spite of big number of invited guests, there were many familiar faces around.

This was a mix of teenagers, young people and adults, mix of different styles and moods: just like everywhere nowadays. Bu there was one significant distinguishing feature: there has a harmony in such crazy mix of people. There was something uniting in the air, which is impossible to transmit.

Lets get back to what was happening there in fact. On the stage there was also a mix: tender voice of a jazz singer, aggressive and lively dance music, children’s performances. Of course everything started with candles lighting, then there was a lottery held amongst all guests. It is important to mention that celebration was organized with high class quality, including place, decorations, MC (Alek Vetrov), DJ Maniak, Jazz singer Anastasia Bukina, etc. It was surprising to have a short but diverse and intense concert program, which included both meaningful and entertaining parts.

As representative of JDC office in Odessa Essenia Mora said, there was a good possibility to talk quite enough with different people. And it matters, because such events are aimed both to revive community, enforce interconnection and strengthen traditions.

Important information:

Event was organized jointly by JDC, Migdal, Hillel and Israeli cultural center. Heads of these organizations lighted first candles on Hanukkah menorah.

Written by Valeriya Verveda

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  1. kiev says:

    nice article thanks !!

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