Value of priceless work

Volunteers help Hesed. In return Hesed values them and appreciates by cultural gatherings and other social benefits. This trip was a gratitude to volunteers for their unpaid highly-valued work.

This autumn volunteers had a desire to go for a walk and to breathe fresh air. For this aim Uman city was chosen. Uman is a famous place in Ukraine, with great natural park and sacred placed for Jews.

On general basis 148 volunteers help Hesed in different programs. 48 of them went to Uman in the middle of November. Those were only the people who could go there taking into account middle age of volunteers. It takes 3 hours drive one way. Spending 6 hours drive is quite difficult for elderly people. As a result the whole day was spent in Sofia park. They also visited synagogue and Rebbe Nachman grave.

One-woman story…

Hesed client and volunteer Lina Margulis was one of 48 people to go to Uman. She has been volunteering in Moked Lakashish for 8 years. She gives out coupons for different types of services, such as cloth, footwear, clocks repair, bathhouse services and laundry.

Here is her personal story: she is in her 70ties, her husband was gone a long time ago. Her son was unfortunately killed during Perestroika period, so she is lonely now. Lina gets minimal pension, which is about 100 USD. She has pancreatic diabetes. She volunteers because she can help to those people who are less fortunate in comparison with her.

Such events show back to Lina that she is not the only who cares, but the one who is cared.

Elderly people start volunteering also because of feeling committed to a good cause, fighting loneliness, helping others and communicating with them. Every volunteer has his own aims for helping Hesed. Indeed, such selfless work is so rare in today commercialized world.

Written by Valeriya Verveda

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