Jabotinsky in Hesed Shaarey Zion: Literature and music combined

By Valeriya Verveda

On October, 24th, on weekend Jewish cultural center Beit Grand is not empty even though there are no events at the moment. I have come here to prepare myself for Jabotinsky event in advance. It is to be held in Hesed office which is situated here in Beit Grand on the second floor. So sitting in a gallery I can see people changing exhibition while another Jabotinsky exhibition is still in place on the ground floor. Third floor is quite aloud because of singing courses.

More guests gather with the approach of the event. That is why elevator functions permanently, delivering Hesed elderly clients and friends to the second floor, minimizing their physical efforts and making their stay in Beit Grand even more pleasant. Literary-musical meeting itself takes place in Moadon cultural club of Hesed. Live talks about Jabotinsky, his impact and talent were discussed.

Interludes and postludes by opera singers and violin players completed the atmosphere. Indeed at the end they thanked for such opportunity to visit such event. It let them know more about Odessa and its history in literary aspect, which they highly appreciate.  Such speech was quite unusual and valuable for other performers and guests.

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