Distinguished fame of Jabotinsky

21.10.10 and 24.10.10


By Valeriya Verveda

130th Jabotinsky anniversary had been celebrated in Odessa for more than 10 days. His novel “The Five” was performed in the theatre and has good opinions of critics. Literary evening in Beit Grand and a literary-musical meeting in Hesed Shaarey Zion made the celebration look spectacular!

Concert hall in Beit Grand included famous literary people in Odessa and fans of local literature: directors of Jewish literary museum and literary museum, poets, writers, journalists and musicians who performed with Jabotinsky texts and texts about him in commemoration of him. During the evening we had an opportunity to know more about Jabotinsky.

French writer and politician Anatol de Monzi wrote about Jabotinsky that “his life was even more interesting then legends about it”.

Zeev Jabotinsky (1880-1940) – he was presented as journalist and writer, who loved and lived in Odessa, but had spent here not much time of his life here. But his another impact was made in Israeli country formation as a revisionist Zionist.

He grew up in assimilated family. Zeev was sensitive, had analytical skills. In his school years he wrote stories and poems. He knew many languages: Italian, English, Hebrew, Yiddish, German, Latin, French, ancient Greek.

In his teen ages he started working as a journalist, we used to work in Rome and other European countries.

Jabotinsky made a significant impact into professional literature life of Korney Chukovsky, who personally said that he owes everything to Zeev. Korney Chukovsky is the most famous children’s poet in post soviet countries. He even stood up for Zeev on his wedding which says ho close they were.

Big impact on his further life and literature practices made the pogrom in Chisinau in Moldova in 1903. He wrote his most famous novel “The Five” under impression of that pogrom. The novel is about Jewish life in turn-of-the-century Odessa. But the novel and the writer was prohibited in USSR after his death. Even theorists on literature did not know about him until 1990ties. History of Odessa edited book “The Five” is unimaginable as publisher says. It was reprinted based on the original from 1941, issued in New York. Spelling and punctuation is original. In fact such condition was strictly ruled by Jabotinsky himself. Handwritten original of the novel is now in Jabotinsky Jerusalem Museum with marks not to change spelling because it reveals atmosphere of the old times in the novel. Odessa citizens appreciate theater play “The Five” which has huge success every month when it is performed.

Another interesting fact bout Jabotinsky life: he was not very hand some, but he always had success amongst women. Once his friends even played a joke on him – they printed one of a newspaper copy mentioning about this special feature. Zeev was furious and ashamed. But nobody else but his saw such newspaper edition because it a single exemplar.

“I don’t have remedy from pogroms; I have the faith and my cause.” (c) Zeev Jabotinsky

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