Odessa Limmud Events

Choose whatever you like! Seminars about Judaism, Israel, Odessa specifics, business and psychology trainings, workshops on general useful topics and handicraft, dancing, drawing, theatre plays, movies and virtual museums tours were in Limmud schedule.

Lively Limmud atmosphere is reflected in surrounding area. Photo exhibition “a window to Israel” is in the main hall, signs and directories are all over the hotel walls, people are wandering and communicating in sofas, Limmud banners throughout, leaflets and schedules in everybody’s hands. 3 languages are heard all over: Hebrew, Russian and English. But the point is that no one sits at a loose end.

Limmud organizers have quite a good sense of humor and sense of immixture: rooms for seminars were called after historical names of Odessa districts: Lanzheron, Moldovanka etc.

Odessa atmosphere does not contradict Limmud one, but supplement it. It was fulfilled by several seminars delivered in Odessa language about Odessa cultural aspects, such as Jewish tours of Odessa history, Russian – definition Odessa language dictionary presentation, people were drawing comics, cooking gefilte fish, dancing tango and Israeli dances. Israeli journalists and businessmen had press conferences, round tables, discussions, of course seminars during Limmud. They also visited schools, kindergartens and orphan houses.

You can see full schedule here – http://www.limmudfsu.org/uploads/docs/odessa/Limmud_Odessa_Timetable_eng.pdf

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