Shalom, Limmud Odessa!

Public gratitude to Baltimore federation is proclaimed from the opening ceremony stage.


The opening ceremony has a spirit of Odessa Jews, history and uniqueness as well as Limmud history and fame.


Opening ceremony takes place in the sea port concert hall. Prestige and strong PR campaign distinguish Limmud in Odessa. Of course meaningful seminars, workshops are beyond any comparison. This is an event of new format as Jewish Odessa has had a new orientation recently.

According to Irina Zborovskaya, Head of JDC Odessa: “It is important to raise tolerance, which already is in place, revive Jewish traditions and identity and attract more not yet involved Jews. This is the central aspect of activities and events are held by Jewish Community. Limmud is significant initiative which also helps to reach our common goals all over the world and now in Odessa”

Indeed as Diane Wall said as a part of international coordination committee: “each of you is our future, and the future is Limmud”. Many people from Israel and the USA helped Limmud Odessa to become reality. Each of them had their time to proclaim opening statement and those words were touching. Osik Akselrud, chairman of Limmud CIS and Limmud Odessa first expressed gratitude to the Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. This name is also the first in the list of sponsors in all handouts. In our turn, after Limmud has successfully finished, I assume the responsibility and on behalf of all Limmud guests thank them for an amazing event, which had started an active phase in Odessa Jewish life!

Representative of Odessa city hall attended opening ceremony and added that Odessa likes to learn and to have fun, just as Limmud community does. Moreover Odessa has Jewish wisdom and temperament. That is why it naturally is supposed for such events.

Famous Odessa Jews both made Odessa famous and glorify Jewish nation: Isaak Babel with his Odessa spirit description, composer David Oistrakh, chemist Dmirti Mendeleyev, writer Sholem Aleichem with specific Odessa humor.

Famous actor Oleg Shkolnik performed as well known robber of beginning of 20th century with a nickname Benya Krik who became well known due to Isaak Babel “Odessa tales”. Krik from was joking the stage that many nationalities were building Odessa together, but they were buried on different commentaries. (Odessa historically has had commentaries for different nationalities)

Violinists “Odessa Ladies” – 8 ladies in white dresses with wonderful violin compositions, singers and dancers, famous Odessa people greeted Odessa and guests with the first Limmud in the city.

And not to forget to mention important point: Limmud opening ceremony, as well as Limmud itself, is a platform for communication. Unobtrusive jazz orchestra promoted suitable atmosphere creation.

Fancy evening was finished with a stand up meal party, but it was then followed with late seminars.  An intensive opening day, ceremony and night seminars showed the diverse scale and intense pace of Limmud in Odessa.


To be continued…

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