One Sunday morning in Migdal

Written by Valeriya Verveda, Odessa Coorindator

Entering Migdal’s doors, I could hear loud children’s voices and could see movements all around. I stepped into the building during a break between aerobics for kids and youth. And this is not the only activity happening at one time.
One Sunday morning, the Migdal JCC welcomed about 140 people for various events.
I should warn that it was a regular weekend day and while children were dancing, adults were also busy. They either were in the family theater called “Pur Le Chance,” where parents and children unite for the synergy. In fact, actors were rehearsing for Limud, which is happening this week in Odessa in cooperation with Migdal. A play is performed based on Romain Gary’s novel “All Life Before Us.” Gary was a French novelist of Hebrew extraction who received The Goncourt Prize in 1975 for this novel.
The Migdal building, which is 101 years old, was originally a synagogue, then was used as a KGB in the Soviet times and finally given back to the Odessa Jewish community. Walking along its ancient hall, klezmer band music can be heard. That Sunday, Migdal also ran a photo lab, drawing exercises, programming, library meetings, traditions and Judaism courses.
Moreover, parents were there, meeting with famous people from an Odessa film studio for the “Interesting Cinematography” project in cooperation with the studio.
This is not the entire list of events. During the day, a group of 20 people worked on the 10th anniversary of Mazl Tov. A choir practiced, there was a seminar for future mothers and there was even a Jewish museum meeting.
That weekend was filled with integrity and intensive positive atmosphere, when everybody was in their right places. I would not have chosen to be in another place and time apart from the way it happened in fact.
Which events would you have chosen if you were in my place?

Learn more about Migdal.

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